PRESS RELEASE: MH370 is not a mystery - Not opinion, data calculation, or educated guess. FACT - It's simply in the picture !!! 

MH370 Truth based on Facts  -  YouTube     - 41min.  - description   12 min HD quality video images of passengers, signal fire(black cloud), (June 2, 2014 article below) visible sinking MH370 and location on the Globe.           and Vimeo links to view (best)         - 12min.  - images HIGH DEFINITION   (best - sharp-clear - view this on full screen - darken room lights ) 12 min HD quality video images of passengers, signal fire, visible sinking MH370 and location on the Globe.                                                                                          - 41min.  - description    

Exact Satellite photo of the sinking plane:    

also poster print with overlay info and inset photos

EXACT COORDINATES as of 3-16-2014 4:44am UTC Satellite Photograph Map of the plane visibly sinking.

***** {"id":51020,"overlay_id":1287,"lat":4.559736,"lon":90.601268,"i":132,"j":26,"status":1,"msg":"Retrieved map ID = 51020"}    this is 804 miles west northwest of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia - on top of the Ninety East Ridge 1800-3600meters deep  - this is the only 15mi radius point the plane will ever be found in. 100% guaranteed since it sank here.

The above coordinates have since been altered and redirected  as of 5-2-2014 by someone or something. 

News Story

Radio interview - WGNA 107.7fm  and                       

Collaborative News Stories found -

Two very Key Youtube collaborative videos - and     both support location and signal fire with eye witness reports on the phone.. 

*************** June 2, 2014 article

************* June 6,  News Aritcle

Should you decide to view the original Satellite maps, you can do so by typing the hyperlink seen on the screen grabs of most of the images. Keep in mind that using an I pad is the tool of choice here. All the latest equipment in the world has already been used to create these pictures. The 100s of millions of dollars spent on R&D to bring us to the evolution of an I pad is the only tool you need to view these. You can, however, use any computer but you must have proper magnification skills or you will remain just one more person that "can't see " this. In that case, consult a pro as the 239 passengers families deserve that much. When the data calculations have been exhausted, I suppose some one will refer to a photograph of everything described and shown in the videos here. At that point and only at that point will this plane be scanned and found. Intact, facing north, empty of passengers. 804 miles west of KL. Malaysia . Someone has got to step up and do the right thing here. 


{"id":51020,"overlay_id":1287,"lat":4.559736,"lon":90.601268,"i":132,"j":26,"status":1,"msg":"Retrieved map ID = 51020"}


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