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Dr. Bernard Vonnegut

August 29, 1914 - April 25, 1997

One of the more fascinating Atmospheric Scientists of our time and truly a wonderful man, Bernard Vonnegut had many great discoveries. The Cloud-seeding agent, silver iodide is the chemical that along with his colleagues, 50 years ago, was the single and most significant of his long list of incredibly valuable discoveries. This took place in Schenectady , NY at General Electric. Kurt Vonnegut, the famous novelist and brother, reflected on his 1976 novel "Slapstick," which he called the closest he had come to writing an autobiography of the family. "My longest experience with common decency, surely, has been with my older brother ,my only brother, Bernard....We were given very different sorts of minds at birth. Bernard could never be a writer and I could never be a scientist."
His continued research of thunderstorms and lightning took place while serving on the faculty at the University at Albany from 1967 to 1985. It would require far more than a ten meg web site to list this man's contributions.

"I had spent some time with this wonderful man as he was among other great things, my next door neighbor. His greatest contributions were not only scientific. They came in the form of his very special sons."

don elliott

This incredible individual was one of the most popular professors on campus. His students had great admiration for his ability to share and teach information according to Bernard's colleague Sally Marsh.
In 1983,Dr. Vonnegut was named a distinguished professor, the State Universities highest honor.

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Contributions in memory of Dr. Vonnegut may be made to Langmuir Labs, c/o New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, Socorro, NM 87801, Attn: William P. Winn


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