"TIP OF THE ICEBERG GALLERY"  This series of images are available for sale. They can be framed or unframed. .

This is the Tricentennial Commemorative Portrait of the "Charter Day Celebration" taken on July 22, 1986.
This is a framed 20x30" print, signed, numbered and bearing the official Tricentennial City of Albany, NY Seal. $ 695.00
1 of 300 made.
[IMAGE] This special event was also
recorded on video as well. Just a few of more 40,000 images
taken during 1986.
[IMAGE]The anticipation of what was to come made this evening incredible.

This is also a Tricentennial print. "Twilight" was taken shortly
before the
Commemorative "Charter Day Celebration"and is
available framed to match. Each, limited
to 1 of 1000 made. $595.00

The power of children is an effortless magic. [IMAGE] There are many B&W images of children at play.

Ocean Visit.
Framed 20"x30" $575.00

[IMAGE]The awesome beauty of laser beams in the rain carving the Constitution into the side of the New York State Capital Building. This rare scene was viewed by few due to the inclement weather that July 26th evening in 1987. Titled "We the People" it is available in 16x16" or 20x30 framed. $595.00/$695.00 There are several combinations of this image with different subject matter projected.

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